Update on The 55

I had been planning to leave for weeks now.
I had the route all set.
All the stops were planned out.
I was gonna start at the Santa Monica Pier – the “end” of Route 66 – and take it all the way to Flagstaff, AZ hitting all the important Route 66 stops along the way before I turned south down I-17 to Phoenix for the Goodguys Southwest Nationals.
But instead of being out on the open road, I’m sitting at home under quarantine.
As of now the first four Goodguys shows have been cancelled – DFW, Scottsdale and Pleasanton and Del Mar.
I had been scrambling to get The 55 ready for the road-trip.
When I got it back from Zack it was running great.
When I got on the throttle, at above 3000 rpm, the car fell flat on its face.
If I rolled on the throttle, it would rev up to 4000 before shifting gears.
But if I floored it, it lost all fuel pressure above three-grand.
I took some data logs and found out the fuel pressure cut out completely at 80%.
So I made an appointment at Church Automotive Tuning to have it Dyno tuned.
It kills me when my car will do something over and over agin, until I take it to a mechanic to diagnose the problem.
Does that ever happen to you?
This time, when Shaun hit it on the Dyno – it fell flat on it’s face – just like it happened to me!
After poking around on his laptop for a bit he made another pull and it screamed all the way up to 6000 rpm.
But it didn’t sound right, so he got out his laser thermometer and took the temp of every header tube to see if it was running on all 8 cylinders.
Low and behold – cylinder number seven wasn’t firing.
Stupid coil!
After a trip to O’Reilly’s and $69.99, I was back in business!!
The 55 was running on all eight cylinders and revving all the way up to 6-grand, which, was a thing of beauty.
So now it’s running and running right, but I couldn’t get the N2O to come on…
So Zack’s friend Peter – @holeshot_mafia – came to the rescue.
Peter came over and added N2O to Shaun’s tune.
And now with the flip of a switch, and over 4000 rpm and 90% throttle, I’ve got up to 250 extra horsepower.
I’ve got the 150hp started kit jets in it now, but it’ll take up to a 250 shot.
Giddy up!!
Now The 55 is running right.
All of my events have been cancelled and we’re all under quarantine.
To keep myself occupied I went down to the Esplanade the other night to experiment with my camera.
This is what I got:
SYJH0702 2
That’s my first attempt at the open-exposure thing.
Not so bad for my first time.
What do you think?
Got any photography tips for me – lemme know – I’m all ears.
This is what my buddy @matttrombleyphotography got:
Jeff Thisted-1-18.jpgHow sick is that?
Jeff Thisted-1-13.jpg
They’ve got a “Sin City” vibe to ’em.
Jeff Thisted-1-25.jpg
That’s the difference between an amateur and a professional.
If you’re in the market for some pictures of your car – Matt will come to you – and he’ll get the gold baby!!
Stay safe out there my friends.
I look forward to seeing you out on the road.

4 thoughts on “Update on The 55

      1. Don’t you hate that!! I’ve been working away to get it all done and ready to drive across the country and then once it’s ready to roll everything is cancelled. I can’t wait to get back to real life. Hope to see you out on the road.

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