Roy’s, SEMA, the Hoover Dam & a Flashlight

You know I like to drive.
And I like to see America.
Lately I’ve been doing a bit of both.
On my way out to SEMA in Las Vegas I took a little detour.
I had never been to Roy’s Motel in Amboy, CA on Old Route 66.
So instead of taking the 15 straight to Vegas, I made a right turn at Barstow and hopped on I-40 east and got on the Old Route 66.
I happened to get there just after sunrise.
It’s a cool spot, out in the middle of nowhere in Amboy, CA.
It’s like taking a step back in time.
If you decide to make the drive, and you wanna continue on The Old Route 66 any further east of Roy’s, be aware that at Kelbaker Road, Route 66 is closed to thru traffic, so you’ve gotta turn north to I-40 and then get back on Route 66 at Goff’s Road.
After I got back on the Old Route 66 at Goffs Road I took that north to the 95, then straight up to the Hoover Dam.
But not before stopping at a cool rest stop.
And then the Lake Mead Recreation Area
I drove The 55 across the Hoover Dam.
But I didn’t stop for pictures on The Dam…
I didn’t want to get shot by an armed guard.
The 55 gets love everywhere we go.
Once I made it to Las Vegas I checked out the Oldenburg Flashlight at UNLV.
Then I went to the hotel and got some rest.
I had to be ready for a week of SEMA madness.
I get a kick out of seeing cars on the SEMA show floor, in vendor displays, that I’ve either had a ride in or I’ve driven myself.
This is one of them.
I haven’t driven this one yet, but the owner: Nick Relampagos has taken me around the autocross track in it a bunch of times.
It’s got an Lingenfelter LSA that’s coming out over the winter and a new naturally aspirated engine with more cubic inches is going in in its place.
On the way back from SEMA I stopped at Baker and got a picture with the World’s Largest Thermometer.
Then I checked in at the Royal Hawaiian Motel.
But there wasn’t much going on there.
When I got back to LA it was time for an oil change in The 55.
Gotta get ready for the Goodguys up in Pleasanton, CA.
I’m taking the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles all the way up the coast to Monterey, then I’ll hit the Goodguys Autumn Get Together.
The weekend after that is the Goodguys finale in Scottsdale, AZ.
I’ll tell you all about them in my next installment.
Don’t tell anyone, but I got an LQ4/4L65E delivered to the shop.
Until next time – Safe traveling and I hope to see you out on the road.

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