Dallas/Ft. Worth in The 55

From Abilene we took The 20 straight into Dallas Ft. Worth.
I’ve grown to love the city of Dallas over the years.
I got to spend 28 days straight there during the great State Fair of Texas.
Good times with Big Tex – that guys know’s how to party!
But I’d never been to DFW on my own and in The 55.
My first stop was the Landmark Lodge Motel
Everyone loves the 3/4 view, but I can’t leave out the profile shot of this place.
Which shot do you like better – 3/4 or profile?
Diagonally across the street I spotted Drummers Inn Motel.
As soon as I got out of the car and started taking pictures, I was approached by a man with a foreign accent who told me I needed to buy a permit to take pictures of the sign.
Before I could stop myself – I started laughing at him.
A guy with a foreign accent, in Dallas, Texas, is telling me, I need a permit to take pictures of a sign.
My laughing seemed to fluster him, so he just walked away mumbling.
I got my pictures and we were off to the next stop.
Which turned out to be a Furr’s Cafeteria.
I remember going to Furr’s as a kid, but I hadn’t seen one in person in years.
After Furr’s I had built up a powerful thirst so I stopped into Jack Starr Cut Rate Liquors.
Then Duuuuuuuuuuude…LRG_DSC04663.jpeg
The Dude abides.
How about the Haltom Plaza shopping center sign?
Love it!!
Check out this clown
The Cobra Club
The Cobra Club probably got its name from the nearby Bell Helicopter plant which developed the AH-1 Cobra Helicopter design in 1965.
The Caravan Motor Hotel or Motel
I love a Fiesta!
And Rays Sporting Goods.
Then lunch at Rodeo Goat for my favorite hamburger.
But they didn’t have my favorite hamburger on the menu.
The Big Tex is my favorite hamburger, and they only make it during the State Fair of Texas.
That’s alright – they’ve always got their “Cheese Fries Surprise” for me.
Right down the street from Rodeo Goat is Fuel City.
…Where Dreams Come True.
When ya go to Fuel City be sure to get 3 tacos and a chicken burrito.
Eat the tacos, and then tuck the burrito away for later.
Let it congeal.
Save it for lunch the next day.
Soooooooooooo good.
After Fuel City it was time to check out some serious history.
The Texas Book Depository from the seat of The 55.
That’s the corner window where history was changed.
It’s crazy to me that there are two “X’s” on the road marking the two shots.
If you haven’t been – you need to go.
Then we were off to work.
Turn 2 at the Texas Motor Speedway
Not so bad right?
I even got The 55 inside the Texas Motor Speedway and out on the track!
We even got 4 laps around the track!!
Check it out here.
That night I woke up to pounding rain, thunder and lightning, and blowing wind out of a horror movie.
The next morning, it was beautiful.
I do love my job.
I get to see cool places all around the country and I get keep in touch with my “road-family.”
One of the cool people I’ve met out on the road is Blake Evans.
He’s a real car-guy with a sweet 57 wagon.
It’s called Sweet Patina and he’s driving it to all the lower 48 states on The Sweet Patina ALS Road Trip Challenge.
Click on the link – give him a donation – it’s for a good cause – and it’s tax deductible.
We had to get The 55 and Sweet Patina together for a photo opportunity.
To summarize, in the past seven days we’d seen, one National Monument, three National Parks, lots of cool places and driven almost 2000 miles.
Pretty cool right?
Then, Monday morning I’d get up early again and hit the road.
I gotta make it to Scottsdale, AZ for the Goodguys Spring Nationals and Spring Autocross Shootout.
We’ve got one more National Park on the way.
More cool signs.
And we even got some snow.
I’ll tell you all about it in the next installment.
Now get out there and drive it!
I hope to see you out on the road.

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