The Brady Bunch House, The Karate Kid’s Apartment & Charlie’s Angels Headquarters

While I was back in Los Angeles I thought I’d better practice what I preach and go out and see some sights.
There were some things I had wanted to see for a long time but I’d never gotten around to it.
I get complacent when I live somewhere, so I’m doing my best to motivate myself and get out there.
I love Mexican food.
There’s a little place up in The Valley that I used to go to years ago called Sol y Luna.
Good food and delicious margaritas.
Right across the street is the Corbin Bowl.

I’ve never been there and I don’t know it’s history but I love their sign.
From the Corbin Bowl I drove north to Reseda.
While I was in Colorado hanging out with my brother and his family, they introduced me to the new show “Cobra Kai” that’s based off of “The Karate Kid” movie.
I asked my nieces and nephew if they had seen the original “Karate Kid” and to my shock and dismay they hadn’t.
So after a few episodes of “Cobra Kai” we watched the original “Karate Kid.”
After seeing the original again I knew I had to stop by and see Daniel LaRussos’ apartment.

The South Seas apartments in Reseda, CA.
I looks like it hasn’t changed at all after all these years.
Then I was off to place I had driven by countless times but never got a chance to stop and check it out because it’s at a weird intersection – Casa de Cadillac.

I love the script or font or whatever you call it on this building.
The location was tuff so it’s not the best picture, but what’re ya gonna do?
I usually navigate by Mexican restaurants as local landmarks so I continued east to Casa Vega.
It’s another Mexican joint and its been around forever.
If you go there for lunch, when it’s light outside, when you walk in the front door, it takes about 30 seconds for your eyes to adjust because it’s so dark inside.

Once your eyes adjust to the darkness have a seat in one of their booths and order up a margarita.
On the rocks with salt please.
That’s Casa Vega – good food and great margaritas – gotta love it.
After stopping here I watched “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”
And wouldn’t you know it, Casa Vega is one of the places Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth go to celebrate.
Speaking of Once Upon a Time.
Once upon a time there was a boy named Jeff who liked to watch TV.
I had to go and see a house from my childhood.

Here’s a story – of a lovely lady…
The Brady Bunch house.
There was a Chevy Suburban parked out in front of the house so I had to get creative with this shot.
If you look closely thru the front window you can just see the Suburban.
I bet the neighborhood is sick and tired of people like me driving by and taking pictures of the house.
But that’s what ya get when you live next to the Brady Bunch house.
Another iconic place that’s kind of right down the road is Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake.

The home of the original double hamburger.
Mmmmmmmmmm… double double hamburger.
Bob’s has got one of the best unofficial car-shows every Friday night.
I’ve seen everything from a real GT-40 to a GM Futurliner there.
It’s a real good time with some seriously heavy metal.
Just up the street is the Lakeside car wash.

I should’ve turned my front wheels the other direction so you could see ’em.
It drives me nuts when I do that.
To continue with the iconic places we went down Olive Avenue and arrived at the Safari Inn.

Built in 1955 and pretty much unchanged since then.
It’s a Burbank landmark.
And the sign is pure gold!
Another landmark that I think is taken for granted is the Burbank DWP building.

It was built in 1949 and more than 70 years later it still looks cool.
From Magnolia I turned onto Burbank Blvd and found Chili John’s.

Chili John’s opened in 1946 and is the oldest restaurant in Burbank.
Have your chili over spaghetti and be sure to save some room the pineapple pie – I got mine to go.
While I was in the area I had to stop by the most famous liquor store in The Valley Circus Liquor.

A valley landmark for over 60 years.
It’s been in countless movies, TV shows and music videos.
I’m still not sure if the clown is evil or not.
What do you think?
Evil clown or not so much?
Since Los Angeles is arguably the “Car Capitol of the World” I had to stop by what’s arguably one of the best car museums in the world.
On the other side of the hill…
At the corner of Wilshire & La Brea.
The Petersen Automotive Museum.

It used to be a department-store back in the day, now it’s a Meca for car-guys.
If you like cars – you’ve gotta go to The Petersen!
But before you go don’t forget to make reservations to take “The Vault Tour.”
It’s not included with the general admission ticket but it’s well worth it.
Just like its title – The Vault Tour takes you downstairs into The Petersen’s Vault – all of the cars that aren’t on display upstairs are down below in The Vault.
The Vault used to be off-limits until a few years ago when they figured out there was a demand and they could make a few bucks giving tours.
Definitely check it out!
Right across the street from The Petersen is Urban Lights.

It’s a part of LACMA – the Los Angeles County Museum of Art – and it’s free.
Created by artist Chris Burden in 2008 – the lights come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.
I know I should have gone here at night.
Another building from when I was young and impressionable is make-believe The Townsend Agency.

From “Charlie’s Angels.”
I had a Farrah Fawcett poster hanging on my wall when I was growing up.
Who was your favorite Angel?
I was in Beverly Hills and I didn’t need gasoline but there was this this gas station I had to check out again.

At the corner of Little Santa Monica and Crescent Heights in Beverly Hills is this Unocal 76 gas station.
It’s recognized as one of the highest examples of Googie architecture in the world.
It’s a mid-century modern masterpiece.
It was originally designed in 1960 to be a part of LAX but when it didn’t fit in with the plan it was bought and brought to Beverly Hills and used as the roof of this gas station.
And it’s been here ever since.
It would’ve been cool to see this next to the Theme Building at LAX but I think it’s pretty cool where it is now.
There are so many cool things to see in LA – this is only a sampling.
If you know of any hidden gems in the LA area – lemme know.
I’m in the process of making my list.
But I haven’t checked it twice yet.
Until then – I hope to see you out on the road.

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