The 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour

Let me start by saying – I LOVE the Hot Rod Power Tour!!
These are my people – my car-family.
It’s always hot and it’s usually humid but it’s the most wonderful time of the year!!
We started The Power Tour in Memphis, TN at Liberty Park this year.
Continental Tires is an official sponsor of the Hot Rod Power Tour.
I’ve been running their Extreme Contact DWS06’s for years.
I had just upgraded to their Extreme Contact DWS06 Plus tires and I christened them by taking them on The Bonneville Salt Flats and up and over the Continental Divide at 11,013 feet above sea level.
I had put over 3000 miles on ’em since I left California & arrived in Memphis, TN.
When I got to Liberty Park I was asked if I’d like to have The 55 in the Continental Tires display during the Power Tour.

The 55 was in the Continental Tire display at every stop on the 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour!!
It was an honor.
In the Continental Tire display someone pointed out to me that I was missing one lug-nut from each wheel.
Thanks Russell!!

Unbelievable – I had just driven over 3000 miles with missing lug-nuts!!
Jake from Continental took care of me and got me a new set.
Thanks Jake!!
Everyone on The Power Tour is like a great big family.
Now, you know I love cars, but to me the best part of The Power Tour is catching up with old friends – my car-family.
And through the power of social media a friend of mine from high-school hit me up and stopped by to say hi.

Heidi is now the Criminal Court Clerk in Memphis, TN – pretty cool right?!?
From Memphis we drove to Nashville and the Nashville Super Speedway.
I’ve got a thing for getting The 55 out on race tracks.
I don’t have to do “hot laps,” although I’m certainly not opposed to doing hot laps, but just to say that The 55 has been on a race track.
It was 10 day’s before the NASCAR race and no one was allowed on the Nashville Super Speedway.
I mentioned to Adam from FM3 that I’d LOVE to get The 55 on the track for a picture and he told me to stay right where I was – in front of the main-stage.

A few minutes later a guy in an official looking golf cart comes zipping up to me and asks me if I’m Jeff.
Uh oh… what’d I do now??
I’m Don – get in.
I got into his golf cart and off we went.
He took me to the track entrance and told me I had four laps.
He then made me promise to not go over 70 mph.
We’ve been on the Texas Motor Speedway, Laguna Seca and now the Nashville Super Speedway.

It was awesome!!
After making my laps and getting some pictures I was headed back to the main stage when I saw a familiar face – Mike Cotten.

Cotten and I have been friends for years.
He’s now on MotorTrends hit show “Faster with Finnegan” with another friend David Newbern.

These guys are real friends, legit car-guys and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
Then I heard “Hey Jeff – do you know who I am?” and I saw this guy.

We had never met in person, but we were friends on social media – Keith Turk.
Check out his shirt – it’s one of the most expensive t-shirts you’ll ever own.
He told me that he loves seeing my road-trip adventures in The 55 and then asked me if I’d show him The 55.
Again – I was honored!!
When I got back to the main stage – I was confronted by my boss Adam from MotorTrend.
Apparently Adam from FM3 hadn’t told Adam from MotorTrend that I was gonna do some laps.
We all had a good laugh at my expense – but I got my laps, some pictures and a video.
I’ll post a link to the video at the end of this so you can see for yourself.
From Nashville we went to Hoover, Alabama, from Hoover we drove down to Pensacola, Florida and from Florida we drove up to Atlanta and the Atlanta Motor Speedway.
At every stop along the way I got to catch up with old friends.
Like the new host of Hot Rod Garage and bad-ass drag racer Alex Taylor.

I think she’s the fastest host on the MotorTrend Channel – 6 seconds and over 200mph in the quarter-mile!!
That’s legit!!
Faye Hadley from “All Girls Garage” stopped by to say hi.

And I got some laps at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

It’s got 28 degrees of banking in the corners and it was awesome!!
Saving the best for last – The Skipper of Hot Rod Magazine himself – John McGann

I do love cars – but to me the Hot Rod Power Tour is all about the people.
And if you know me – you know I love my car-family.
Here’s the link to the video: Hot Rod Power Tour 2022 Day 2 at the Nashville Superspeedway
And Hot Rod Power Tour Day 5 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway
Oh yeah!!
And if any of you know who made these stickers – please tell me.

They were turning up everywhere and I still have no idea who made ’em.

And… no.
I did not make them.
But please let me know if you do know who did.
Thanks for coming along for the ride with me in The 55.
Until the next time…

9 thoughts on “The 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour

  1. What an epic adventure Jeff.
    The Hot Rod Power Tour is still on my bucket list of cool things to do.
    Thanks for all you do my friend. I’ll see you on the road.

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