Goodguys, Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks.

It’s 6:30am and the 405 is a parking lot. I shoulda left earlier… But now I get to spend more time in The 55. I’ve gotta gig at the Goodguys 32nd West Coast Nationals up in Pleasanton about 350 miles north of LA and about an hour east of San Francisco. Instead of flying I … More Goodguys, Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks.

Prestone Rally

I saw on Instagram that Prestone was looking for 90 cars to help ‘em celebrate their 90th anniversary. They wanted to do a rally from Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles, CA. I’m in! If you read my previous installment: “The 55’s Daily Carry” you’ll remember The 55 is pretty well prepared for life out  on … More Prestone Rally

The Weego

I just got back from being on the road. All in – I was gone about a month. The first order of business whenever I get back home is to start the 55.I’m a car-guy. It’s what I do. I uncovered it and it was a pretty as ever. Then I went to start it… … More The Weego

Lakeside 64

Earlier this year I went over to the Hot Rod Magazine offices to pick up some missing issues. While I was there, I saw a super tuff 66 Chevelle sitting there in the parking lot. I took some pictures and posted ‘em up on Instagram, FaceBook & Twitter. A little while later a friend of … More Lakeside 64