Yenko Chevrolet and Madonna’s of the Trail

After a week of auto-crossing I decided to sleep in a little.
I stayed in DuBois, Pennsylvania and wouldn’t you know it I found some gold there.

It started its life as either a Hi-Way Oil or Amoco station.
I love the hi-pitched roofs!!
It kind of reminds me of Mary’s Cafe in Flagstaff from “Two-Lane Blacktop.”
I continued south on 119 and caught this cool little Post Office in Stump Creek.

A little further down the road I came to the town of Punxsutawney.
Punxsutawney is famous for its Groundhog Day celebration every year so I had to get a picture with Punxsutawney Phil.

From Punxsutawney I drove to the south of Pittsburg and got on I-70 before making a detour to Beallsville.
Right across the street from the Nemacolin Country Club is one of 12 Madonnas of the Trail.

The Daughters of the American Revolution commissioned 12 of these statues to be placed across the Santa Fe Trail to commemorate the spirit of the pioneer women.
This one was dedicated in 1928.
From Beallsville I drove up to Canonsburg.
If Canonsburg sounds familiar that’s because it’s the former home of Yenko Supercars.
I had to make the pilgrimage to this sacred ground.
This is what it looked like back in the day

This is what it looks like now

Yenko baby!!
From Yenko I headed into West Virginia.

We drove into Wheeling and stopped at our second Madonna of the Trail.

It’s located appropriately on the Old National Road in Wheeling Park and was also dedicated in 1928.
Wheeling, West Virginia is also home to what used to be the longest suspension bridge in the world – the Wheeling Suspension Bridge.

It was built in 1849 and it linked the east and west sections of the National Road.
It’s now closed to traffic but is supposed to open up to pedestrians again soon.
I continued on to Columbus, OH and found an original marker for the old Cumberland Trail.

Cumberland, MD is 251 miles east and Columbus, OH is 6 1/2 miles west.
Pretty cool right?!?
I continued on to Springfield where I found the Melody Drive-In.

A few miles down the road is the Madonna of the Trail in Springfield, OH.

That’s Madonna of the Trail number three if you’re keeping track.
Right down the street from the Springfield Madonna I discovered this sweet batwing that’s now being used as Emperia Auto.

I just love those batwings!!
Just across the state line in Richmond, Indiana is another Madonna of the Trail

It’s right off of Main Street in Glen Miller Park.
Back out on the road, I finally learned my lesson and drove around Indianapolis.
In Effingham, Illinois I stopped by the Effingham Motel.

Then I continued on to Vandalia and their Madonna of the Trail.
It’s in the town square next to the old State House.

Vandalia has a great little museum: The National Road Interpretive Center.
If you’re in Vandalia stop in and say hi.
From Vandalia I drove to Lexington, Missouri and another Madonna of the Trail

As I was making my way through Osage City, Kansas I saw this little gem hiding in plain sight.

It’s an old White Eagle gas station that was built in 1928.
Pretty cool right?
From Osage City I drove to Council Grove, Kansas for our next Madonna of the Trail.

You know I’ve got a thing for cool old post offices.
Behold the Council Grove US Post Office.

Pretty impressive.
I was way off of the Interstate and I was enjoying the sights
Like this old gas station in Tampa, KS.

I don’t know anything about it.
If you have any information on it please let me know.
From Tampa I meandered over to McPherson and the Starlite Lanes.

My last stop in Kansas was in Syracuse for this Batwing.

I made it into Colorado and it was hot.
My first stop was in Lamar at their Madonna of the Trail.

From Lamar I went north to Kit Carson and then up to I-70 where I refueled The 55 and was treated to this rare sight – a double rainbow.

So there you have it my friends.
We saw the hallowed ground of Yenko Supercars, some batwings, some post offices and eight of the 12 Madonna of the Trail monuments.
The only ones we’re missing are in Maryland, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
Here’s a link to “Yenko Supercars & a few Madonnas of the Trail” video.
And “Madonnas of the Trail in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado” video.
Check ’em out and lemme know what you think.
Thanks for riding shotgun with me in The 55.
I hope to see you out on the road.

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