GG Columbus to Summit Racing Autocross Week

After a great weekend in Columbus, I slept in on Monday.
I was headed to host the inaugural Summit Racing Autocross Week.
It’s just like Drag Week but it’s autocross.
Three tracks and four days of autocross racing.
From Columbus I started to make my way up to Cleveland.
But not before stopping in at Shag-A-Lee’s for a quick picture.

I’d love to see that sign all lit-up.
From Shag-A-Lee’s I continued onward towards Cleveland.
I’m a big fan of Claes Oldenburg and I wanted to see his “Free Stamp” with my own eyes.
But first – I made a little detour to check out Szabo Shoes.

They’ve been closed for years, but that building is awesome!!
From Szabo Shoes I went to the “Free Stamp.”

I’ve been a fan of Claes Oldenburg for years and I’ve gotta list of where his work is displayed.
Why didn’t I check the list before I went to Des Moines?!?
I was a mile away from his “Crusoe Umbrella” at the Nollen Plaza Civic Center in Des Moines and I missed it.
A few days later my Pop called me and told me Claes Oldenburg had passed away.
Very sad – but I’m glad we still get to enjoy his art.
I’m also a big fan of our National Parks – I’ve been to 30 of them so far in The 55.
Cuyahoga Valley National Park was supposed to be my next stop but I spotted this on my way and I just had to stop.

It used to be New Orleans Seafood but now it’s closed.
The building reminds me of the Haysville Vickers station and it’s Batwing-like roof.
Then I headed south to Cuyahoga Valley National Park – National Park #31 for us.

I had planned on stopping into Gearstar Performance Transmissions in Akron to say hi to Zack and Ryan but I was running behind schedule…
I made it into Pennsylvania.

And finally made it to UMI Motorsports Park for the kickoff of Summit Racing Autocross Week.

We started racing at UMI Motorsports Park on Tuesday.
My co-host for the week was none other than Mr. Pro-Touring Truck Shootout himself – Arnie Gonzales.

After racing we went to Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, PA for the next day of racing.
And then on to Dragway 42 in West Salem, Ohio.

There were mandatory stops along the way where you had to take a picture with your car to prove you were there and you followed the route.
One of those stops was at Summit Racing in Tallmadge, Ohio.

If you’ve never been into one of Summit Racings retail stores you need to go!!
It’s like a Walmart speed-shop and I mean that in the best way possible.
They’ve got everything!!
After stopping at Summit I needed fuel.
I filled-up The 55 and was washing the windshield and noticed something odd on the roof.

The clear-coat was pealing off of the car.
I picked up The 55 from the painter on June 3rd and this happened on July 13th
Less that 2-months later…
We ended Autocross Week back at UMI Motorsports Park.
And aside from the pealing clear-coat on The 55, Summit Racing Autocross Week was great event.
I’m already looking forward to next years event.
Special thanks to Ken for the hospitality and the delicious breakfast burritos.
Check out the video of my road-trip and my lap of UMI Motorsports Park here:
Next, I’m heading back to Colorado and I’m taking the Santa Fe Trail.
Thanks for coming along for the ride with me in The 55.
I hope to see too out on the road

2 thoughts on “GG Columbus to Summit Racing Autocross Week

  1. That was a great racing week, and you guy’s narrating made it a fun week also! It was an honor to be a part of it!👍👍😎


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