The Drive Home

I just got back from spending the holidays with my family in Colorado. I was stuck with them up in the mountains for two weeks. It was awesome! They’ve got a place up in Keystone – it’s a ski resort at just over 9200 ft in the Colorado Rockies. My Pop and I arrived while … More The Drive Home

How I got the 55

Here’s the story of how I got my 55. When I decided to get rid of my old Corvette, I started looking for another station wagon. I used to have a 1968 Impala 4-door wagon. I painted it blue with yellow flames and dropped a fire-breathing 468/T400 into it. I love wagons. They’re cool, they … More How I got the 55

2016 Camaro

I’ve been pretty excited to see the new 2016/Gen6 Camaro for awhile now. The Gen5 was a big hit. My friend Steve has been wanting a Gen5 1LE since they were reintroduced a few years ago. But since Chevy announced they were introducing a new Gen6 Camaro in 2016, he’s had to wait to get … More 2016 Camaro

SEMA / George Barris

I just got back from SEMA 2015 a couple weeks ago. If you don’t know what SEMA is, it’s the Specialty Equipment Market Association. Basically, it’s the biggest car show in the world… And it’s closed to the general public. That’s right, you’re not invited. It’s only open to people within the industry. And it’s … More SEMA / George Barris