The Weego

I just got back from being on the road.
All in – I was gone about a month.
The first order of business whenever I get back home is to start the 55.I’m a car-guy.
It’s what I do.
I uncovered it and it was a pretty as ever.
Then I went to start it…
When I turned the key all I got was a click.
Awwwwwwwww man.
Then I tried it again, just to make sure.
I got the same response – the deafening click and then silence.
The 55 had been sitting for a month and the battery was dead.
Last time this happened I had to ask my roommate for a jump-start.
This time I was prepared.
Last year at SEMA I met the team at Weego.
They make cool little battery chargers and had a clean little Creamsicle Falcon station wagon.
I initially wanted a portable battery pack that would be able to both jump start my car and also be able to power my MacBook Pro.
But I soon found out that those don’t exist.
So I ordered the Weego Heavy Duty.
The website said it was good to start a gas engine up to 6.4L and since the 55’s gotta 5.7L I’d be well under the limit.
When I got it I couldn’t believe how much stuff there was.
Then I couldn’t believe how small it was.
Its a cool little device.
It’s got a few different outputs depending on what you’re charging.
And it’s got a power level indicator, so you can see how much juice it’s got left.
It’s even got a built-in flashlight.
That’s where you plug in the Alligator clamps for a jump start.
I even had an old neoprene sunglasses case and the Weego squeezed right in.
Fits like a glove.
When I got it it was fully charged.
But, being who I am, I plugged it into the wall charger to top it off, just to make sure.
After it sat on the wall charger for a few hours, I unplugged it, put it into its neoprene sunglass case and then put it all into my little tool bag that lives in the 55.
And there it sat…
I got the little Weego in December 2015 and it was now October 24th, 2016.
Almost a full year later.
I had never used it and it only had one full charge on it.
This would be a true test.
Since I’d never used this thing before I pulled the instructions out.
Go ahead and laugh.
I don’t care.
Then I attached the alligator clips to the battery.
After I made sure the alligator clamps had good purchase on the battery terminals, I then plugged in the jumper cables to the Weego box and made sure they had a good connection.
Then I pushed the power button and turned the Weego on.
All five blue lights came on in succession.
I propped the Weego on the battery so it wouldn’t fall over and I went to start the 55.
When I turned the key, instead of a click, I got the engine to turn over!
Glory be!
This thing actually works!
It took some cranking but after a few tries, the old 55 fired up.
When I disconnected the Weego from the battery I noticed the terminals were warm.
Not at all hot, just warm.
And when I pushed the power button on the Weego, instead of 5 blue lights, it only showed 2 blue lights.
So the 55 used up some juice to get it started.
But it got it started.
And that’s all that matters.
The Weego is a good quality little portable battery jumper system that actually works.
Would I recommend it to friends and family?
The only thing it’s lacking is the ability to charge up a MacBook Pro…
But I’m told that’s in the works.
Until then, I’ll keep you posted.

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